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One of the three cities of Odisha’s Golden Triangle is Konark, situated at the coastal of Bay of Bengal. Konark is about 65 km from Bhubaneswar and 35 km from Puri. The Sun temple at Konark, dedicated to Sun god was built in 13th century AD. It was designed like a chariot with 12 giant wheels (height of 10 ft, representing 12 months), whirled by seven horses (representing seven days of the week). The giant wheels having eight big spokes (representing prahars of the day). The Sun temple of Odisha is one of the most visited places of India, eventually its famous architectural structure gathered International fame that it is now protected under UNESCO’s World Heritage Site Project.

The Sun temple was built by Narsimha Dev of Ganga Dynasty. The temple complex includes the Natamandira or Dancing hall with pillars remaining with beautifully and intricately carved dancers and musicians in various poses. The entrance of the temple known as Mukhasala or the porch has the entrance on three sides.

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