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Keonjhar is also known locally “Kendujhar” “Kendu” + Jhar”. “Kendu” is a kind of edible fruit and “Jhar” means spring. Here we can say that (Kendu) tree usually are grown aside the spring.

It’s been said that the name of Keonjhar state was previously called as “Jahara”, in 700 century and a Prince named “Shanti Dev” left the royal crown (throne) of Jahara and was converted into a Buddhist Monk before his disappearance.

Shantidev’s last sainthood was spent at this cave, therefore it was named as Shantidev’s Cave.

In his book named “Ascharya Charyachayce”, Dr. Karunakar has detected Keonjhar as “Jhara or Jahara”. The name of Keonjhar state is known to be “Jhara” during 100 century.