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On the foothills of “GandhaMardhan” mountain there lays temple Hari Shankar, the abode of Lord Shiva. This place is also famous for its natural beauty. On the northern part of this mountain there is Nurshinga Nath temple is located and on the southern side Hari Shankar. At Harishankar, Lord Hari and Lord Shiva is being worshipped unitedily. From the mountain ranges of “Gandha Mardhan” there originates various forms of springs and waterfalls which had made this place unique in it. Deer park also makes this place another attraction.

The foaming waters vibrantly, acting as a delightful contrast to the hardness of the granite bed from which it cascades through the sun-dappled jungle. Echoing its joyful song, birds and bathers thronging the pool created by the swirling waters seem to give thanks to Hari and Shankar, the reigning deities of Harishankar Temple perched on the southern slope of Gandhamardan hills. The hill side is famed for medicinal plants. It is about  81km from Balangir.