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From Ghasipura bus stop on NH 215, 8 km away there is a village called Vira Govindapur, towards 1 km left from Muhanala bridge this temple is located on hill top. Legends say that almost 200 years back a sage named Shamya Das had established the Lord Shiva’s temple named Shri Brahmeshwar. For the daily worship and rituals the sage had to walk 3 km daily to collect water from Baitrani River. But as he grow older it was difficult on his part so he dug a pond with the help of local people. But the problem was that water was not found on the mountain. He did meditation in the cave of the mountain top to rid of this problem. Despite of this he did not get success and out of rage he beheaded he stone idol of goddess Durga with a sword, unless the tree he meditated.

After this incident goddess Durga appeared and blessed him which resulted in water oozing out of the pond and made it full. Even though the pond is situated in the mountain top, despite of being dried in summer surprisingly its water level increased during this period.