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The Lord Shiva’s temple is situated below the tree named “Varun” and hence this laid to the name of the place Baruneswar. Besides Baruneswar other Shiv ling’s named Bhoothnath, Biswanath, Smananeswar and Tadekeswar – those 5 Shiv Lings combinely are also known as “Pancha Lingeswar”.

As per the descriptions in Mythology “Pitahmah Brahma” had established & Goddess named “Astha Mahasakti” and had first established “Maa Biraja” idol on Bindhya Mountain. But Bindhya Mountain could not tolerate the spiritual power of Maa Biraja and gradually started moving downwards to Earth. So Pitahmah Brahma recalled Lord Vishnu and Shiva, who appeared and then surveyed the mountain after moving around it and they marked three corners of the mountain. Lord Shiva established “Atra Linga’s” on those corners to balance the mountain, out of which Baruneswar is one of them.

Legends say that a merchant named Subodh is to do his business by a boat over Kusabhadra River. Subodh and his wife Susila, were the great devotees of Lord Shiva. Once Subodh had to face a terrific storm during his voyage, by this wealth he had to face severe loss and his boat was destroyed. He had to shelter himself under a tree on the bank of a river to survive. In deep sorrow he started chanting the powerful mantra – “Om Namah Shivaya”. In such condition he saw a bright ray of light. The ray got closer towards him and Lord Baruneswar appeared in front of him to bless. This place is the sacred land of Lord Baruneswar and here I will occur myself in this name and blessed him not to worry and got departed. The next morning Subodh was delighted to find his boat and wealth just as before. Afterwards this merchant couple cleared up the woods and established the temple at the same place.

Makar Shankranti

Baruneswar Mela