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Village Arikama under Bolagarh block is famous for Maa Koshalsuni mandir in the forest. This green forest is protected by villagers of Arikama, Thanapalli etc. It is a picnic spot.

As per the legends, the guardian deity “Goddess Koshala” of Koshal dynasty, always use to appear to a merchant. Someday it happened that Goddess told the merchant in his dreams to travel to Odisha. Goddess kept a condition that she will follow the merchant during his travel and not to look back. If he did so than Goddess will stop there forever. The very next day on “Kumar Purnima” both the Goddess and merchant started their journey for Odisha towards “Kandhapada” passing through the “Arikama Jungle”. While passing through the jungle all of a sudden the sound of the tinkling anklet of the Goddess was not audible to the merchant and he turned back to check whether the Goddess is following him or not. But Goddess stopped then and there and never returned back to Koshal despite of the merchant’s regretful request.

Once it happened so that Goddess had gone for a bath to a pond name “Nelia” near the forest, she had disguised herself as a spinster and had worn a red silk sari and at this moment a cow-herd named Madhav Behera saw her and called everybody of the village. They gathered villagers reached at the spot and found the idol of the Goddess, who is worshipped since then.

The annual festival on MahasthamiRaja festival, annual Yagna are some of the festivals observed by the villagers. It is around 28 km away from Khurda and lies on Rajsunakhala Dhalapathar Road. It is around 5 km from Dhalapathar and 9 km from Rajsunakhala.

Mahastami and Raja Festival

ancient temple